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The Arancino with the Coppola

Padrino's Letter

Letter from the Founder

Benvenuti to ArancinuS , the Italian most famous street food
Visit our Blogs articles about our story and concept , ArancinuS is a an immigrant street food from Sicily,
a land full of live tradition specially culinary.
ArancinuS is a famous icon in the daily life style in Italy.
His style , a bit old fashion to recall the Italians who as immigrant , in the USA back in the days . Emigrant families where they try to keep historic traditions alive.
Arancinus want to Impress you with his street food and share a great time with your family and friends with an Italian way .
Enjoy the Best Arancino you can find , it's one of the most traditional Winning recipe .
We believe ,Eating great tasty food is one of the best part of a healthy social life ,
the fundamental of sharing is the base of a Family .
We are all in Family and Friendship connection , based on those fundamental we like to run our company.
Eating responsible it's another target we want hit !
We go Green as much is possible , trying to have less impact on the environment .
Little by Little we will make it Happen , a better and green sustainable food Business .
CEO Diego Pasqualicchio


We are a Family Company from Italy. Where we are in the food business over then 20 Years,spred in restaurants from Italy , Europe and the USA . An international family of imigrants . We love to share our best food preparation with all of you.



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